Welcome to Smiltene

The municipality of Smiltene county was established on the 1st of July, 2021, after the administrative territorial reform of municipalities. The total area of Smiltene County: 1800.55 km2. The largest area of ​​the county’s territory is occupied by Launkalne parish – 221.8 km2, i.e. 12.32% of the total county’s space. Town ape has the smallest area – 2.45 km2, which is 0.14% of the county’s space.

Smiltene region is a place to live, work, raise a family, study, relax, nurture cultural traditions and develop business. Educational opportunities of all levels are available in the region, there is an active cultural life. The region is rich in natural and cultural-historical heritage, which provides an opportunity for the successful development of tourism. Terrain, forests, parks, nature trails and sights, give you the opportunity to actively relax and do sports. Smiltene county has recognizable traditions in cycling, motor sports, football, orienteering, athletics, local and international competitions take place. Smiltene county is one of the most economically active and fastest growing counties in Latvia.
Official tourism information available: visit.smiltenesnovads.lv/en/
The city of Smiltene is a great place to be. The offer includes beautiful nature, historical and sacred buildings, delicious meals and interesting stories.

Listed down below are 5 top things to do and see in Smiltene:
Old park and Teperis promenade
The old park is located in Smiltene. The park is landscaped with trees, nature and environmental objects. Old park is popular with locals and city guests not only for slow walks and enjoying nature, but also for active recreation. There is a waterfall, which flows from Lake Teperis into the river Abuls. At the waterfall there is a well-maintained place to relax. Trail then leads to the Lake Teperis promenade, where is a fountain who lights up in the evenings.
Lake Niedrājs
The surroundings of Lake Niedrājs is a popular recreation spot for the people of Smiltene and the guests of the region. The surroundings are suitable for leisurely walks and enjoying peace, as well as for active recreation and sports – mushroom picking, running, skiing and cycling and others. In the surrounding area there are several well-equipped swimming areas with boardwalks, as well as rest areas with fireplace. Go on a bike ride along one of the bike paths that lead through the forests of Lake Niedrājs. It is possible to choose the one that best suits your strengths and wishes, one of the 3 different length trails – 10, 20 and 30 km.
Smiltene Evangelical Lutheran Church
This is the only church in Latvia that was built in the typical cross type (in 1895) and it has received a status of the State Significance Monument of Culture.First wooden church in Smiltene was in the centre of the knights’ castle, built on 1370. This year is marked also in the stamp of the Smiltene congregations church as the founding year and beginning of the congregation. In 1702, Russian troops burned down the church and took the bell to Pskov. Current church building was rebuilt in 1859. Windows are in a gothic style, interior is adorned with outstanding woodcarvings and Latvian signs are seen on the upper walls of the Church.
Cider Brewery “Abuls”
Cider Brewery “Abuls” is a small cider distillery based on a farm. The cider is handmade from local traditional North Vidzeme apple varieties, Old World classic cider apple varieties, as well as wild apples growing only here. Brewery offers to see the cider cellar, find out the process of making cider and taste all the drinks currently available, as well as buy the available products on site.
Electric car “LĪVENS”
The inhabitants and Smiltene’s guests are offered the opportunity to go on a beautiful, informative and entertaining trip with the "Līvens" electric car, getting acquainted with the magic of the nature of Smiltene and listening to stories about the life of nobleman Pauls Līvens, the former owner of the Smiltene manor, his contribution to the development of Smiltene and the cultural and historical heritage he left behind.
For the best meals in the city visit Restaurant – bar Park Hotel “Brūzis”, Cafe – bistro “Pasēdnīca”, Cafe – bistro ‘’Trīs pipari un kūkas’’ or pizzeria “Zebra” Smiltene.